Situated down a long winding road in the secluded bay of Anse Cochon on the west coast of St Lucia, Ti Kaye means “little house” in Kwéyòl and that’s what the resort looks like: a village of little wooden houses with fretwork detail, as white and delicate as the hems of old-fashioned starched petticoats.

Built into the hillside, all the rooms and cottages face the ocean with wide verandas, double hammocks and outside garden showers. These pretty cottages with their individual plunge pools and swaying hammocks offer total privacy and tranquility. Ti Kaye is a romantic hideaway but even honeymooners might be surprised at the zealous use of fresh blossoms to decorate every possible surface. It can take some time to clear the bed!

Food and wine play a huge part of the Ti Kaye experience. The young chef, Klent Abel, at Kai Mange restaurant has already done a ‘stage’ at Le Notre in Paris and is scheduled to go on another training session there. Chef Abel is full of surprises. Imagine grilled fish fillet wrapped in a banana leaf with a bay leaf Kwéyòl sauce; crab spring rolls served on a green salad with a mango chilli dip; or a jumbo shrimp curry with coconut milk served with pumpkin and Caribbean rice.

Another outstanding aspect of the property is the spa with its two Balinese masseuses. The exquisite design features a glass wall, which allows an uninterrupted view of the ocean. As you lie on your front, they place a mirror next to a bowl of fresh flowers below, so as you are being massaged and relaxed, you have the added pleasure of looking at a reflection of the sea and sky.

Kai Mange offers a vegetarian menu which includes soy vegetable roti, deep-fried breaded brie with mango chutney, vegetable tofu bouillon, and a caesar salad that includes grilled pineapple.
This property is not recommended for people who may have difficult with stairs and there are no wheel chair ramps.
Book the spa treatments as soon as you arrive’it’s worth having at least two.
The Friday night excursion from the Anse le Rey fish fry is really good fun. And the wine-tasting tutorial is a must.

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