Craving a break. Greenish coloring. Achey muscles. Feelings of guilt and apathy. Broken dishwasher. In-laws visiting. Found a mouse in your house. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

But where exactly do they go’ The Strawberry Hill Hotel.

Offering up the bohemian luxury and musical heritage that the exclusive Island Outpost group of properties is known for, getting there is an adventure in itself, worth every bump of the winding, 30-minute drive 3,100 feet uphill, past sleepy townships and numerous rum bars. Are we there yet’

Yes we are! 12 individually handcrafted 19th century style cottages provide weary travelers with a respite from the madness of urban life. Romantic four-poster beds draped with delicate muslin netting take center stage in the bedrooms, and even have heating for those cooler winter evenings. Living rooms are open to the elements, and locally made sculptures look on as batik-inspired fabric cushions dance on white canvas sofas.

Venture from your room in search of more relaxation: the Aveda Spa and the negative edge pool overlooking the city are not far away. Soothe your senses with a Renewing Facial, detox with a lymphatic massage, body exfoliation, an ayurvedic warming massage, and steam bath. Want more’ How about waxes, scrubs, polishes, and peels’

By now you are at peace. Touring Chris Blackwell’s (music mogul and owner) personal mini music museum. Grooving to the tunes of Bob Marley (remixed of course). Sipping on a Strawberry Bliss (berries and champagne). Your restored complexion speaks for itself.

If you’re not feeling better, we highly recommend seeing a specialist.

If you really can’t stand the drive, but you can stand the bill, call Dr. Bird services and book a helicopter transfer.
If you’re in the market for one of their 2 Bedroom Villas, try to secure Highgate as it’s the only 2-Bedroom with two bathrooms (the other 2-Bedroom only has one)
Strawberry Hill’s Bar and Conference Room is home to a significant photographic tour of music’s most influential players over the past four decades. Guests at the mountaintop retreat can visually experience personal photos from Mr. Blackwell’s collection, which includes shots of U2, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Millie Small, Sinehead O’Conner, Peter Tosh, and Sting (and studies from the Adrian Boot Collection). These photographs are found in the company of a legendary assortment of platinum disc awards from artists Mr. Blackwell and Island Records has either produced or nurtured including King Crimson, Traffic, Cat Stevens, Dru Hill, U2, Melissa Etheridge, and Nine Inch Nails. There’s even an entire wall of gold and platinum discs earned by Island Records from the sale of Bob Marley LPs from Catch a Fire to Legend.

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