Sandy Island Restaurant & Bar – the Sweetest “Eat + Swim”

This “eatery” is off-off island…it’s the sweetest ½ day excursion. As with everything Anguilla, it is low key, easy, breezy and if all is as it should be – sunny like every other day in Anguilla. Accessible only by water, a less-than 10-minute boat ride across Anguilla’s water (color: turquoise amazing) – you’ll step off the back of the boat onto the most delicate sand of this small island – a tiny sand bar 150 ft at its longest and 50 ft at its widest. It is idyllic!

A small shed-roof shades the restaurant boasting a festive combination of lime green, turquoise and burnt orange, with picnic benches and tables under its shade. The breeze is constant and comfortably warm. One of the few places where the mosquitoes leave you in peace. The kitchen – “fire” and the music out of the amplified boom-box is powered by the sun, generator, or batteries. There is no electricity here.

The menu is faded with the printer ink runny from too-many sea-soaked hands handling its pages. Everything is fresh. The fish – grouper, and mahi-mahi entrees, appetizers of seafood salads and fish bites, and of course gigantic lobster, crayfish and plenty of shrimp prepared several ways. Not to worry there’s “rack-um-up” ribs and barbecued chicken if you’re not up for seafood. It’s all tasty, but if you’re a shellfish lover, the lobster or crayfish is the only option. Rum Punch is the favored offering in Anguilla. However, drink steadily, as the heat quickly yields a watered-down version.

  • Place your order and go for a dip in the sea while you wait for lunch to be served. The snorkeling is good with the reef that encircles this little island providing ample entertainment.
  • Recommend mid-day lunch when the sun is high overhead, the water is perfect temperature and gives you plenty of time to eat, and soak before closing time at 4pm as the sun goes down.
  • Private Dining is possible in the evenings with reservation ONLY.
  • Access by a water shuttle aptly dubbed “Happiness” at $10 US per person (r/t). You can catch it at the small pier on Sandy Ground Beach. You’ll see it as you walk out onto the beach from the parking lot. You can also take Private Yachts / Sailboats (moorings are staked) and Charters.


Hours: 10am – 4pm during peak season
By reservations only during off season
Tel: 264.476.6534

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