Sister to the BodyHoliday, Rendezvous is the first couples-only all-inclusive boutique resort in the Caribbean, the ideal place for couples to spend quality time basking in each other’s uninterrupted affections.

Truly the ideal spot for lovers and honeymooners to share an intimate escape, this 4.5 star facility is the premier couples retreat of its kind in the Caribbean, and offers multiple services for you to personalize your stay. You may request candlelight and flower petals in your room, or a special night at dinner, where your table is secluded and you are serenaded by relaxing Caribbean rhythms.

Rendezvous will ignite sparks between you and your sweetheart, allowing you to take the time to rediscover the intricacies of your relationship.

Whether you and your partner prefer to take a hot dip in a Jacuzzi or breathe in the scenery from the tip of the Pitons, your time at Rendezvous will be unforgettable.

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