Come drink and dine in the treetops. (We mean that literally). This seaside restaurant and bar is an elaborate labyrinth of a treetop dwelling right on the beach.

Made out of driftwood and scraps from old sailing boats that once frequented Anguilla’s turquoise waters. The sea breeze is strong and the vibe is beyond nice. It’s simply the king of beach bars.

Owned and operated by Bad boy reggae sensation Bankie Banx you may find him dozing off in the rafters, harmonica in tow. Feel free to call him over and include him in a long-winded conversation about politics, or get him to call over his boat making buddy bullet to teach you a thing or two.

When it comes to the grub check out their daily specials, which depends on what Bankie decides he wants for lunch. The serving sizes here are local. That translates to eat till you can’t fit anymore. Wash your meal down with their signature Dune Shine, only if you have a designated driver that is; and when you’re done stagger over to the dance floor. At any given time class acts are sure to be churning tunes out of their instruments. Bankie his harmonica, and guitar may even headline the concert.

Chill with a rather interesting (for want of a politically correct term) crowd of hippies, locals, tourists and some of your favorite celebs. We’ll let you in on a secret; we’ve seen John Mayer playing his guitar here and Former President Bill Clinton has popped up. But kiss and tell isn’t a game they play at the Dune.

Planet Dune – Rendezvous Bay Anguilla
British West Indies AI 2640
1-264-729 4215

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