If it’s Sunday and you’re in Anguilla, this ‘right-on-the-beach’ restaurant and bar is a definite “must”.

Live music reverberates along the shoreline from just around lunch till sunset. The house band always gives the audience a solid playlist, and guest musicians always seem to be “dropping” in for a jam session – some from as far afield as Papua New Guinea, always keeping the atmosphere fresh and full of possibility. The selection of music is eclectic, but there’s always a slant towards jazz that favors a sound that is loud, full-bodied and “phat” – great energy and an extremely great vibe.

There’s a full bar-and-grill type menu, but usually, the band is best enjoyed with a frosty brew or beverage of your choice from the barkeep.

Sandy Ground beach is spectacular, and seconds as Johnno’s patio and provides a shaded option to grab a bite for yourself, or you and yours. So easy to keep an eye on the goings-on in the ocean and watch the kids enjoy themselves on the sand, from a cool-enough distance, all the while keeping toes pegged into the sand.

Around since 1983, this restaurant/bar is a bonafide stop on the “things to do” list while in Anguilla. It’s a no-frills place – and happily so. Anything more than a t-shirt or a bathing suit would be considered a sartorial faux pas.

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