Brice Marden (born October 15, 1938), is an American artist, generally described as Minimalist, although it is difficult to categorize his work. He lives in New York and Eagles Mere.

Marden once compared the relationship between painters and their critics as basically one big chase, where critics attempt to pin down and define artists, who are constantly working to escape the shackles of labels. At various points in his career Marden has been labeled a Minimalist and an Abstract Expressionist, but the way that he has bounced between – and away from – each of these categories has meant that his works take on an intensely personal idiom.

Marden bases his art upon a wide range of experiences – new acquaintances, internal crises, and studies of literature, art history, and nature – often distilling his memories to a single key moment of inspiration. As his career has advanced, Marden’s works have tended to combine his various explorations of his experiences, thereby creating “layers” of his interests between memory and form that span the full range of his activity.

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