BodyHoliday is a highly acclaimed spa resort that allows you to recharge in a luxurious environment. Their promise is “Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.”

A good way to start your holiday is by personalizing your stay with a dedicated wellness specialist. A spa and health programme is designed using handpicked treatments that focus on your specific needs, including anything from weight loss, stress management, detox, fitness and tone to anti aging.

The Wellness Centre is the beacon for spa health in the Caribbean. This world renown spa is complete with Holistic treatments such as Acupuncture and Reiki, the new Eve Hair and Beauty Salon and the latest technology for anti aging techniques in the Specialist Skin Clinic.

After you’ve been scrubbed, massaged and laced with exotic oils, prepare to wake your body up with sports and activities.

BodyHoliday is totally all inclusive, encompassing everything from meals, drinks and spa treatments to activities like scuba, aerobics, pilates, or windsurfing. Whether your fancy is tennis, yoga, even archery, you’ll find your whims are catered to. Spend your days perfecting your golf swing, or step outside your comfort zone and try something new – like hiking to the peak of a dormant volcano.

After a week at the BodyHoliday, your body will beg to stay!

Whether you and your partner prefer to spend quality time scuba diving, holding hands while the sun sets or quietly recapping your day over dinner, your time together is precious. Time is so precious, smart couples steal it!

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