Blanchard’s Beach Shack… A tradition of “YUMMY”

This neat little quick-order cantina in Anguilla is the latest in the good food tradition from restauranteurs Bob and Melinda Blanchard. Opened Dec. 2011, Blanchards Beach Shack (BBS) is the flip-flop sandal offering to the original, more formal Blanchards Restaurant (est. 1994).

Located just down the beach from each other on MEADS Bay, BBS is jumpin’ even on a rare overcast day. It’s a walk-up-and-order-at-the-window setting — ordering off the laundry line of mini chalkboards above cheerful clapboard counter windows. It’s a Tijuana meets island-style, gourmet, ice cream soda shoppe menu.

Perfect for couples and families; there’s lots of choices. While the Lobster rolls are popular, the menu offers up the expected soups & salads, burgers, chicken tenders, and *P&E Jumbo Shrimp …with surprise offerings of meals named Big Bowls, Flat-Top Dogs, Street Tacos, and frozen yogurt “Twirlers”. The beverage mix is not too shabby either – smoothies (a fav among the locals), and frozen drinks (like daiquiris, “piñas”, passion fruit margaritas, mojitos and limonada). The beer selection — like the menu — is all over the world.

Heineken, San Miguel, Sam Adams, Pabst (really !!! Pabst Blue Ribbon), Corona, Carib and Guinness.

Take it “to-go” or happily situate yourself under one of several umbrellas with their cheerful lime-green chairs or share conversation on the “gulfstream” blue picnic benches – the ones you have to lift a leg up and step into. Either way, your toes are in the sand while you sink your teeth into whatever you ordered. The on-the-beach ocean view makes it ever more ‘delish’. And if you’re feeling curious, there’s always their cookbook available in the little shop at the entrance before the “shack”. It’s entitled, “At Blanchard’s Table: A Trip to the Beach” – it’s even autographed!

It’s all in the details at BBS. Just read the boards:

“100% All Beef Black Angus”
“As much local produce is used whenever possible”
“Our Paper Products are all Earth Friendly”

Bathing Suit, Rubber Slippers, and Hat. Anything more, and you’re over-dressed.

*peel & eat — just in case you were wondering.


Opens from: 11:30 am – 8:30pm
Mon – Sat and 7 days a week during Christmas/New Year’s but call first!
Tel: 264.498.6100

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