Johnny Cakes, Chicken, Fish. You name it, they’re grilling it!

Let the grills, aprons and cleavers come out to play. It’s the weekend and in Anguilla, that means it’s barbecue time. There are a million barbecue stands to choose from, so peep our shortlist. Here’s what we call the Ultimate guide to surviving the Anguillian Barbecue.

First on our list is the Pit Stop where Joan and Cyril have single-handedly created the best-roasted cakes on the island. Using an old drum filled with coal they’ve smoked these cakes to perfection. Honestly, if you’re on a diet pass this pit stop straight because the butter melted within these cakes is divine. If the butter isn’t enough then ask about their varieties of stuffing. Our favorite is the Gouda cheese.

For the fried johnnycake lovers we’ve got a barbecue stand for you too. Check out B&D’s in the west of the island. It’s a family run barbecue that has been going for over 20 years and serves up the biggest fried cakes, with a slightly sweet hint to them, that complements the rest of the menu just right. Have anything from fish steamed on the grill to ribs, and if you can tolerate the bustling crowd have a seat, drink and mingle under tents provided in the front of their yard.

Looking for a spot to play a few dominoes while you wait for your order? Then Paper in the east is definitely the place to chill. They serve up a really mean grilled fish but what really matters here is the vibe. Old Soca playing and dominoes hitting tables there is no need to leave in a hurry. Wait for your turn on the boards and engage in conversation that will prove to be nothing short of amusing.

The barbeque stand with the best location may be Kenny’s down at the sandy ground. Though a tad is more expensive than the regular stands he’s open to grub after any busy night of partying on sandy ground. He also offers a delicious conch soup to help combat that inevitable morning hangover.

If you’re not sure what you feel like eating then Ken is your man. He’s Anguilla’s Jack-of-all-trades barbecue stand, where everything is cooked to perfection and there is something on the menu for everybody. Come early because the star of the barbecue, his pork slices, fly off the grill, and because he’s located in the center of the island his stand is really popular. You definitely don’t want to get caught in the evening rush.

Now a must stop is Baber’s barbecue. If you’re a seafood lover skip everything else on the menu and go straight for that crayfish (spiny lobster). Preparation takes some time but it’s well worth the wait. Honestly, we haven’t found any crayfish to rival Barber’s. Barbecued on low heat then glazed with a butter-based sauce and served with a lemon wedge. Heaven in a shell! He’s also got some savory barbecued pigtail for you meat lovers.


Pit Stop-Tuesday to Sunday. till 10.30 pm
B & D’s–Friday 5.30pm to 9.30 pm & Saturday 12pm to 9.30 pm
Barber-Wednesday & Friday 5.30pm. to 10pm. Saturday 8am till
Ken-Thursday to Saturday 12pm till
Kenny -Thursday to Saturday evenings into early mornings
Paper -Friday & Saturday evenings till 12 a.m.

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