Lying directly east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and north of St. Martin, Anguilla is part of the British West Indies, categorized within the Lesser Antilles. Anguilla serves as one of the best Caribbean locations to offer a true escape from the things most familiar. If you desire to be surrounded by various shades of blue, from the sky to the incomparable Caribbean, and your idea of a vacation is to vacate work responsibility, crowds and the stresses of day to day living, Anguilla holiday destination is at the top of the Caribbean crop.

The large island of Anguilla is relatively small, meaning that only a certain amount of visitors can accommodate the Caribbean paradise at any given time. In addition to the main island, there are several small, outlying islands known as cays. These serve as wonderful options for adventurers. You can spend the day exploring these small islands, play on the beaches, or pack-in to stay overnight. When you choose Anguilla holidays, you may wish to leave your planner at home, and see where the island leads you.

The island widely accepts the US Dollar, making travel to Anguilla that much more convenient. You’ll find that there are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy, even inside or right outside the doors of your hotel or resort. Sip sweet drinks on the soft sands, or head off the premises to do some hiking, biking or exploring of your own accord. Of course, everywhere you turn you’ll find food options that invoke curiosity and whet the appetite. The diet of Anguillians is that of traditional Caribbean food—a mix of so many different world cultures. You’ll also find resorts and hotels, restaurants offering a variety of food choices.

Anguilla: A brief history

Steeped in a cross of ancient South American, West African and British culture, there is one thing that visitors can expect: hospitality. In terms of contemporary history, many would argue that Anguilla was sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1493, as he explored the “new world.” Those possessing more French influence will offer credit to the French flag, stating that the discovery was in the mid-1500s. Regardless of the first European discovery, the island possessed inhabitants from the South American Amerindian tribes—their artifacts and relics dating to 1300 BC.

The pristine waters of Anguilla are never more than a hop or skip from a great Anguilla hotel. You’ll find an array of water activities, including the exploration of the world that exists below the surface. Bring your gear, or if you’re experienced, you’ll find rental houses that offer the necessary equipment. If you favor the surface of the water, you’ll want to try some sea kayaking or paddle boarding. These activities can serve as a great exercise, a great way to explore the island shores or serve as the perfect vehicle to paddle out onto the water for a glorious sunset.

Anguilla vacations and hotel accommodations

There are a variety of Anguilla holiday and vacation packages available for couples, families or even if you’re that individual who needs a little isolation to dig deep into foreign cultures while relaxing and recharging your batteries. There are resort and boutique style hotels to choose from, perfect for romance or family fun. With the vast majority of islanders speaking “Standard English,” there is little to be lost in translation once you arrive.

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