Find yourself lost in an enchanting setting that exudes a luxurious yet warm local flavour

What is so special about St Peter’s Bay Luxury Resort & Residences and Port Ferdinand Marina & Luxury Residences? What makes a stay at one of these properties different, special, yet ever so authentic to its Bajan setting and roots?

If you were to ask a visitor, you might hear the following: “Service par excellence from the concierge to the cook, to the bartender to the ground staff. Accommodation is second to none. All the comforts you demand. The location is perfect.” (Trip Advisor, 2013.) If you were to ask Alistair Brown, director of sales and marketing, he would tell you, “It is the soul of the people who work here.”
Curious, I head out on a beautiful Thursday evening and visit the properties myself. Let’s just say, I am sold.
My first point of entry to the properties, both of which are located  in St Peter, near historic Speightstown, was St Peter’s Bay Resort in Road View.

For those who place a high premium on the quality of their accommodations, the three- and four-bedroom beachfront homes  at St Peter’s Bay Resort exude an upscale Mediterranean-Caribbean vibe with the highest quality in furnishings and appliances. The penthouse homes enjoy rooftop decks with spectacular views that were incredibly breathtaking when I visited them in the late evening just after the sun had gone down. To envision myself here with a glass of wine, overlooking the tropical panorama of this unspoilt coastline is nothing short of a fantasy.

Both properties pride themselves on being able to cater to different generations and ages. Extensive activities and amenities, such as a kids’ club (at Port Ferdinand), and meticulously selected and trained staff who are encouraged to do what Bajans do best, which is to exude their natural warmth and share what they love so much about the island, make this a luxury experience with a warm local flavour. The beach also enjoys the natural advantage of being a nesting ground for sea turtles which is an added attraction for all ages and has certainly been a lure for many repeat guests.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy both properties, and can be transported from one location to the other via car or water taxi. Amenities are shared and guests can dine on both properties or have an in-house chef visit their rooms to prepare meals.
“We are now seeing many home owners and rental guests returning with their families to enjoy the multi-generational effect that is now readily available in the way we deliver our service, amenities and homes,’’ Alistair  Brown said. “This is a big deal for us. To us, that speaks volumes.”

Port Ferdinand is the chic destination in Six Men’s Bay. It has more of a South Beach kind of vibe, which is evident in the décor of the two- to four-bedroom homes, which are edgier and have a more contemporary feel. On my arrival, the property had just opened its new restaurant, 13° 59° (the latitude and longitude of Barbados) and I had the opportunity to meet the food and beverage manager, who was clearly committed to making a wonderful impression on the very first patrons, who were enjoying their meals in the air- conditioned indoor dining area and on the outdoor marina-deck.

As I made my way through the property  I had the opportunity to crash a Race of Champions party which was taking place under the pool island’s  gazebo and  bar. The energy was phenomenal.

UNNA Luxury Resorts & Residences is the operating company that oversees both properties, ensuring the highest standards in service and quality. Great care was taken in selecting this name; UNNA is a take on the Bajan word, “wunna,” which means “all of you” and is also an English colloquialism that implies an intuitive understanding of what another party wants. This is the attitude behind both properties—that special character that makes St Peter’s Bay and Port Ferdinand unique.

As was perfectly articulated by Alistair Brown, “We are an activity and amenity-rich Bajan brand—we provide authentic moments that target memories. We don’t ask our staff to change who they are—we want them to be as true to whom they are as possible. This is why our staff stay with us—this is why our guests keep coming back.”

For those interested in owning this little piece of paradise, the advantages of investing in a home located on a beautiful Bajan beach, with amenities and service added to the mix, are limitless. The properties offer full and fractional ownership and boast that over 80 per cent of their owners initially visited St Peter’s Bay and Port Ferdinand on a previous vacation to the island, with no original intention to purchase. For those considering a purchase at either property on an investment basis, now is the time.

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