I A M creates luxury travel

While travelling the world can often be exotic and exciting, the simple act of getting there is a far cry from. In fact, between the madness of the airports, the overpriced flights and overcrowded planes, and the gross feeling that accompanies long flights, airports and airplanes, it’s easy to take the fabulous feeling away from travel… at least until you get there.

This is exactly what Barbadian-grown aviation business, I A M Jet Centres, is committed to changing. With I A M, travelling is made luxurious again, and they’ve spent the better part of almost 30 years making that happen.

I A M provides handling and fuel services to both local and visiting aviation customers, establishing FBOs across the Caribbean – in Barbados, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grenada, Tortola, BVI and soon-to-be the newest addition, Saint Lucia– and an extended network assisting 24 airports regionally.

Exclusive amenities include getting showered and pampered in between flights, receiving first-class service both on and off the airlines and being able to handle all of the paperwork and mandatory checkpoints in a faster, more exclusive, more private and more stress-fee way, with their private in-house Customs and Immigration processing. Each FBO is specifically situated further from the commercial terminals to allow yourself yet another opportunity to enjoy the travel experience.

And while every passenger and client that passes through I A M’s centres feels like a VIP customer, there’s something sweeter – or should we say suiter. With the Suite Services by I A M Jet Centres, passengers flying through or to Barbados, Grenada and Tortola can request access to services rivaled by the most luxurious of hotels, even if you’re travelling commercial. The typically only private jet experience can be enjoyed by even commercial passengers. Flying first class on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic guarantees you access to a luxury experience that’ll make you look forward to travelling everytime.

Travelling on business? I A M’s FBOs offer private conference spaces that allow you to fly in, host your meetings, and get to work and back home, without having to leave the airport, check into a hotel and spend unnecessary time or money on business trips. No need for hiring cars or booking conference rooms across the country when I A M encourages you to host your confidential business meetings in a more efficient and effective way.

With various locations across the region, I A M is also able to maintain high-volume contracts with major oil companies. Supplying well-known brokers, such as WFS, Mercury Fuels, UVAir, Jetex, AEG, First Fuel, among others, I A M has quickly become one of the leading sellers of jet fuel in the Caribbean. Here, fuel isn’t just a commodity, it’s an important part of the service experience, and just another thing that I A M delivers reliably and efficiently to operators. No matter how early or late the request comes in, and whether the airport is busy or calm, I A M is relied on by their clients for fuel stops – and when fuel is requested, fuel is delivered.

Thirty years later, it’s no wonder I A M Jet Centres maintains, upholds and consistently meets the high standard of expectations, dedicated client base and impeccable reputation. As the world becomes smaller, travelling becomes more common, and even more hurried, and the minutes seem to rush by, I A M Jet Centres make it easier to enjoy the experience of travel again. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, out of necessity or desire, I A M restores the luxury in your travel experience – no matter where you’re going.

While airports and lounges often boast relaxing amenities or services to make you feel at home, I A M’s locations are designed specifically to offer their guests and visitors this exact sensation. Their four FBOlocations (with their fifth expected before the end of the year) rival the elegance and ambience of a five-star boutique hotel, making the little pit stop in the airport that much more enjoyable.


For further information, visit:


I A M Jet Centre

Grantley Adams Intl. Airport

Christ Church, Barbados

Tel: +1 (246) 428-1704

Email: aviation@iamjetcentre.com

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