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Located south of Cuba and north of Jamaica, you’ll find a beautiful trio of islands that have grown incredibly popular within the realm of travel and tourism. These three islands are known as Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Together, as you’d suspect, they comprise the Cayman Islands—part of the Greater Antilles. These beautiful islands lie in the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean Sea, and boast something for everyone—from families to couples seeking quiet, romantic getaways. The Cayman Islands are well known for hospitality, as well as beautiful, beachfront hotels, all-inclusive resorts and of course, Stingray City.

Way back in 1503, Columbus sailed to the islands as part of his final journey to the New World and the name Tortuga was in reference to the impressive amounts of sea turtles Columbus encountered in the area. The name Cayman was derived from Sir Francis Drake’s naming of the island, caiman, the Caribbean Neo-Taino word for alligator. The British influence remains strong in the Cayman Islands—another example of a Caribbean, British Overseas Territory.

While many visitors focus their Cayman Islands vacation on Grand Cayman, there are air travel options to all three islands, including Island Air, a commercial service specialising in local Cayman travel. Are you hoping to do a lot, or a lot of nothing during your Cayman Islands vacation?  You’ll find both options readily available. If you plan to be active, and visit all of the islands, you’ll want to ensure that your Cayman Island holiday becomes a true vacation. You will want to vacate the things you know, and the responsibilities you own at work, school or home, and really take in some of the great things the islands have to offer.

Singrays are truly beautiful, mysterious creatures that are gentle by nature. Rarely do they put their sting on display and over at  Stingray City, Grand Cayman, you and your family have a chance to learn more about these lovely creatures. Snorkellers and scuba divers can put their skills to use in order to swim with the rays, or individuals and groups can take chartered trips into the Caribbean to explore nearby shipwrecks and other aquatic life and formations.

The Cayman Islands were once the stomping and sailing grounds of the legendary pirates of the Caribbean. While such personalities may not have been as lovable as the Disney movies suggest, the relics they left behind can be found on display throughout the islands. The Cayman Islands were originally named Tortuga by Christopher Columbus.

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