Bahamian boutique hotel is also platform for jazz and gathering space for artists of every genre.

There’s a brilliant sense of crossover at The Island House and they have perfected seamless merging of living spaces and common areas. One area spills into another and suddenly you find yourself in a private library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves where specifically chosen books share space with brilliant little art studies, and you wonder how you even got here!

Local visitors may come for sunset cocktails, stay for dinner and find themselves experiencing unexpected artwork or a business traveller staying at the hotel may end up in the 48-seat private cinema, where local Bahamian film director Kareem Mortimer curates movies for the entire community.

In less than two years, The Island House has managed to capture the very best of what it means to be authentically Bahamian. They have perfected bespoke, personalized service, not only for their guests but for the local community and they have recognized that nothing brings a community together or tells the story of a culture like local art, in all of its glorious facets.

The Island House is located at the western end of Nassau, only a 10-minute drive from the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA), which hosts all major airlines. Private planes may access FBO, Odyssey Aviation which is adjacent to the International airport. The property offers three types of accommodation—guest rooms, cottages or apartments; two restaurants called Mahogany House and Shima; The Bamford Spa; and a variety of fitness options, including a movement studio.


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