Friends enjoy adventure cruise and make new friends in this enchanting island idyll.

Drowning in my work overload I turned to Pandora on my MAC as a welcomed distraction. I chose a soft, soothing station with the intention of not disturbing my work flow. But there it was, Enya singing “Caribbean Blue” . I started humming and before I knew it, my mind had drifted.

I was now sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, a stream of refreshing wind blowing through my long auburn hair and warm rays beaming down against my sun kissed skin. I could visualise the aqua pool-like water lapping against the tropical shoreline dusted with swaying coconut palms. That was it. It had been too long since I’d taken a vacation and this time I was going to do something about it.

Three days later, after a bit of research, it was planned. I booked the Wildcat Too catamaran out of St Thomas, with captain Rob Corey and First mate/chef Deborah Norton. We would cruise the British Virgin Islands for one week with six of my most beloved friends. It was perfect.

I would invite my other half, Steven, interior designer to the rich and famous; my brother, Barry, lawyer extraordinaire; his girlfriend, Missy, a flight attendant for American Airlines and a couple who are dear friends of our family, Steve and Sophia. Collectively, this motley crew of empty-nesters, along with myself, were Virgin Islands-bound, baby!

About three weeks later, we all arranged to meet in St Thomas where we would board our vessel. Due to work schedules we all decided to arrive the day before and spend an evening at The Ritz-Carlton in St Thomas, to relax, enjoy the amenities and to partake in a fabulous dinner at Oceana, one of St Thomas’s top rated restaurants.

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