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Location, Location, Location

The best Jamaican hotels and resorts help you to take advantage of all the great things this Caribbean destination has to offer. Great hotels and resorts in Jamaica can help make your entire trip an unforgettable success.

Strawberry Hill Hotel

Craving a break? Achey muscles? Feelings of guilt and apathy? Broken dishwasher? In-laws visiting? Found a mouse in your house? When the going gets tough, the tough get going.But where exactly do they go?

Strawberry Hill Hotel.

Strawberry Hill offers up the bohemian luxury and musical heritage that the exclusive Island Outpost group of properties is known for. Getting there is an adventure in itself, worth every bump of the winding, 30-minute drive 3,100 feet uphill, past sleepy townships and numerous rum bars.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Located in the beautiful Montego Bay, the legendary Round Hill Hotel and Villas has managed to maintain its timeless elegance without seeming dated or old-fashioned. On the contrary, now, this private resort has even more comforts, and the new concepts in the restaurant and spa make it more extraordinary than ever.

Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel Jamaica

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? Well, almost. Those who like what happens in Vegas, stay at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel.

With all its modern glory, it’s that old-world charm that distinguishes Vegas from its other city-destination counterparts. The same goes for Terra Nova.  This 20th century Great House has been transformed into Kingston’s most luxurious boutique hotel, offering a perfect balance of signature Caribbean hospitality and world-class business conveniences.

Jamaica Inn

For over 50 years, Jamaica Inn has played host to some of the world’s most famous names – and some not so famous. Hands down, Jamaica Inn has the most beautiful private beach on the North Coast of the island. The intimate cove creates a seclusion that will trick you into feeling like you are on your own private island. This feeling is extended at the spa, where private cabanas hang suspended over the crashing waves below.

It’s a little bit of a trek, but well worth it.

Courtleigh Hotel and Suites

Savvy travellers know that a good location is essential, and the Courtleigh Hotel occupies prime real estate in New Kingston, the island’s premier business district. Though, once you’ve checked in, you’ll quickly realize it’s more than just location that pulls thousands of briefcase and iPhone-toting travellers back again and again.


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