Chasing perfection, architect goes one better with new Piton-facing resort in Saint Lucia.

While most of those lucky enough to experience Jade Mountain in person are bowled over by the interplay of its silky, organic design and forward-thinking architecture and technology, architect and owner Nick Troubezkoy, in his constant pursuit of perfection, can’t help but wonder how he could do better. It’s this drive to create something of superior flawlessness that has led to the architect’s next adventure, Jade Sea.

Separated from the Jade Mountain Resort by a ridge in the hillside, Jade Sea is a planned 24-unit development with the option to expand to 48 over time. Though it’s hard to imagine a better view than the Pitons as seen from Jade Mountain, the new Jade Sea will face the soaring dual peaks even more directly. Like at Jade Mountain, Jade Sea’s sanctuaries will be fully open on their south faces, welcoming inside the cooling Caribbean breezes and the stunning view of the Pitons.

The line between man and nature is further blurred at Jade Sea, whose sanctuaries will incorporate indoor and outdoor gardens, waterfalls, and natural stone-clad walls covered in a fern jungle.

Each sanctuary’s expansive infinity-edge pool has been designed for the utmost in relaxation with stepping stones, shallow water seating areas, a floating lounge, and jacuzzi spa. Jade Sea departs from its sister Jade Mountain in one very notable regard—each of these sanctuaries will have its own inner sanctum with air conditioning.

“Enclosed within each spacious sanctuary is a glass-walled, air-conditioned inner sanctum, a vault-like, sound-proofed oasis to isolate the occupants from the entire universe, allowing them to relax and enjoy the integrated top-quality high-tech communication and entertainment systems without disturbing the natural outdoor sounds and surroundings on the other side of the triple-glazed glass,” says Troubetzkoy. Jade Sea’s other amenities include multiple sundecks with built-in fireplaces, large dining and lounge area with state-of-the-art kitchens, and generous proportions of more than 3,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor living space.

In true Troubetzkoy style, the design and planning phase has been thoroughly thought out, with special regard to constructing the new development as unobtrusively as possible. Time will tell whether the architect finally satisfies his abilities with the introduction of Jade Sea, but this development of a new resort that further marries high-end luxury with environmental harmony is sure to serve as yet another groundbreaking Troubetzkoy design.

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