Planning a vacation to Grenada? Here are our top adventure picks around the Spice Isle.

Life’s a Beach: Check out Grand Anse, a mile and a half stretch of soft white sand with beautiful water for swimming. Or perhaps you’d prefer the snorkeling at Morne Rouge? Top off your beach tour with a trek to the secretive Moliniere, a romantic spot reachable only by boat.

Spice It Up: Admire the nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, ginger, bayleaf, thyme and turmeric that grow all around the island. These spices will entice you to savour the indulgent flavour of local food and add aromatic sweetness to your trip.

Go Green: Eco-minded travellers will delight in the lush and undisturbed tropical essence of Grenada’s rainforests, mountains and waterfalls. Admire the breathtaking Concord Falls while dipping your toes in its tame swimming pools or immortalize your vacation with pictures of Anandale falls. For an extra thrill hike out to Seven Sisters with an experienced guide leading you through virtually untouched terrain.

Island-Hop: Sister islands Carriacou and Petit Martinique are a must see for the cultural observation. Hop on a boat and head over to one of these small, slow paced islets to lime on the beach, enjoy local hangouts and bear witness to well preserved traditions. Leave the world behind with this unique opportunity to experience life made simple.

Get Hot: Take a rare excursion into the natural world with the hot springs. Soak up the River Sallee Boiling Springs, six waterholes carrying clear sea water warmed by the active underwater volcano Kick ‘Em Jenny.

We Spy: Cast your eye towards the indigenous flora and fauna like the Grenada dove (our national bird), Mona monkeys, armadillo (known as tatou) and opossum. The Grand Etang national park and forest reserve give you a good glimpse into local wildlife. Make sure to visit Lake Grand Etang, once an active volcano, or hike up Mount Qua Qua.

Dive, Dive, Baby: Whether you’re donning a mask and snorkel or going in deep with full scuba gear, the beautiful reefs and fishes offer a glimpse of whole new world of Grenada. The ocean is refreshing with vibrant sea life, so you won’t be disappointed. Ask a guide to take you to the extraordinary underwater sculptures.

History Though:  Fort Matthew is top spot for history buffs. The premises is 1500 yards that include a battle ground, underground tunnels, prison cells and an insane asylum. Dating all the way back to the 1700s, Fort Matthew offers a glimpse into the past as well as panoramic views of St George.

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