MACO’s top picks for heavenly beaches in irie Jamaica.

When the great goddess in the sky made the earth she finished in six days. On the seventh, she went to the beach. Jamaica to be precise! Check out our favourite spots to relax on the sand and play in the surf:

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

This beach has sand like sugar and water chilled like a cool daquiri. Since a day of bronzing in this slice of paradise will make you thirsty enough, sip a pina colada as you model up and down seven miles of sweet beach past bars, grills, hotels, water sports, local vendors and fellow sun worshippers. There’s no doubt that this beach broke the mould.

Doctor’s Cave, Montego Bay

Doctor’s Cave is the perfect place for sea therapy. The beach is small with divine snorkeling along the protected marine park. You’ll definitely want a waterproof camera for this one. The water is calm and sparkling and the underwater Eden is all yours to revere. Emerge from the heavenly sea to swaddle yourself in soft sand and catch up on your daily dosage of Red Stripe. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Long Bay, Portland

Surfers give this eastern stretch two thumbs up for seclusion and rolling surf. Long Bay will give you a glimpse into the raw, rootsy Jamaica, away from the glitter of the tourist strips. Located near a small fishing village close to Reach Falls, the sea is rough and the reward is in finding an authentic Shangri-la on earth.

Boston Beach, Portland

Boston beach got its moniker from the banana trade that flowed between Boston and Jamaica. Boston beach has some serious surfing, but it is truly the promised land of Jerk meats. With the aroma of seasoning always in the air, once you cross the threshold of Boston beach, you won’t go hungry. As a bonus, you’ll only be a stone’s throw from the famous blue mountains.


Montego Bay 

With so many resorts and hotels nearby, there has been an uptick in fun activities for both the business and leisure travellers. From the glorious historic ruins, a tour of Appleton Estates, dozens of bars to grab a drink and a bite to eat, hiking, ATV adventures, nature walks on the way to splendid waterfalls, heritage walks such as Rose Hall and as many water sports you can imagine, Mobay (as its affectionately monikered) is a thriving Caribbean city much to offer.

Trust us on this, Jamaica may be well-known, but until you spend time with her people and experience the culture, you won’t ever forget her!

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