The Height of Luxury In Turks and Caicos

“We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere”, my husband utters as we tread slowly across the gravel laden dirt path in search of the intended villa, we would call home for the next four days.

Dust billows into the air as we make our way passed what appears to be an off-road construction site.  Still uncertain, we are headed in the right direction, as a majestic white architectural masterpiece commands our attention off in the distance. Approaching, it seems more like a luxury resort, than a single residence. We dial the buzzer announcing our arrival and the grand gates slowly begin to open. A long straight driveaway serves as a perfect camera frame, drawing your eye directly to the smiling staff waiting to greet us. Their arms and hands are clad with an assortment of pampering welcome items, such as chilled lavender towels and delicious cold cocktails made with fresh mint and lime. We sip and wipe in awe over the sheer magnificence that surrounds us, otherwise known as Triton Villa.

Named for both the Triton shell, the owners’ favourite, and Triton himself, the Greek God known as ‘the messenger of the sea’. Triton is located in the Turks and Caicos chain of islands in the northern Caribbean, along the southern end of Long Bay’s three-mile Beach. Touted as one of the very best beaches for kite surfing anywhere in the world, it would make sense then that the young business mogul who built Triton is an avid kiter. He designed the $14 million-dollar mega home to take full advantage of Long Bay’s consistent and steady trade-winds, offering him a kiting paradise he’d be hard-pressed to improve upon anywhere on the planet. And don’t be misled, for a man who would spend nearly all of his daylight hours flying across the water’s surface, he spared no detail in creating a modern residential masterpiece that would offer every indulgence to lure him right back to the house.

After a gorgeous dip, we relaxon an over the pool swing, taking in the almost surreal colour of the Caribbean water

Sitting on more than two acres along a beach that was voted one of the top 10 in the world, Triton would take an arduous two-plus years to build. Assisting the owner with what would become the final design, was a collection of boutique firms from Germany, Florida and France, all offering some element to the final equation. The villa expanses over more than 12,000 square feet under air, however it also possesses more than 10,000 square feet of outstanding outdoor living space, surrounding the villa in nearly every direction. Enormous floor to ceiling glass doors, replace walls, affording the owner and Triton’s many guests to open the house up completely and live an indoor and outdoor existence. This design element, is possibly the villa’s most exceptional and extraordinary characteristic, as the divine views of electric turquoise, the warm island breeze and the endless living experiences offered, are paramount at every turn. Cleverly crafted, the east side of the home captures the consistent, refreshing trade-winds, that is a most welcome offering in contrast to the island’s hot sun, while the west side of the house offers a game of tennis or poolside lounging and perhaps an aperitif over a captivating sunset.

Our bathing oasis, open to the master suite, is magnificent – sexy personified

We are shown to our master suite by Joey and Adrian, two of Triton’s sweet and engaging staff who have relocated to Turks and Caicos from the Philippines, both of whom have already removed every item from our hands, and every burden off of our shoulders, to ensure a warm and relaxing visit. Our master, much like the décor encompassing the entire villa, is sexy, sleek, incredibly comfortable and one of seven bedrooms. The furnishings, art, and materials throughout the home are treasures imported from around the world. Stone tiles are from the Dominican Republic, Valser quartzite is from Switzerland, colourful glass chandeliers are hand blown from Italy, the dining table is beautifully worn driftwood that was crated over from Indonesia, and much of the furniture is custom-made from the finest designers in Europe.

We quickly change into swimsuits and head down to our beach only to discover a vast bank no more than eight feet deep that had to go on for more than 50 miles. After a gorgeous dip, we relax on an over the pool swing, taking in the almost surreal colour of the Caribbean water. Adrian offers us a rum cocktail and eventually we drift off to the lullaby of trickling water, salty air, and warm breeze coming off the shore. Awaking from our heavenly nap, the scent of garlic, white wine and fresh herbs begin to waft through the air. Lori Mazziotta, our villa chef, is preparing our lunch of beetroot gazpacho, salmon tartare topped with black caviar, Mahi Mahi on a bed of asparagus with roasted potatoes and a spring pea puree, a grilled red pepper medley, jumbo prawns and a shrimp dish wading in a sauce that I will dream about for years to come – a secret recipe she undoubtedly concocted from her years living in France. We fall in love with Lori. She is warm, wonderfully authentic and a damn good chef. After lunch we soak in the hot tub before challenging each other to a tennis match, which my husband sadly keeps reminding me, HE won.

Before we know it, the evening is upon us. Our bathing oasis, open to the master suite, is magnificent – sexy personified. A frameless glass wall shower faces the bed, while a free-standing oversized tub rests on a bed of river rocks in front of a floor to ceiling window that offers yet another vantage-point of the swimming pool and stunning sea below. Our dinner destination – Coco Bistro. Joey has taken it upon himself to reserve a table for us in the garden. Although we are offered transit, we opt to drive, wanting to absorb as much of our surroundings as possible. A mere eight minutes later, we have arrived. Enchanting and romantic are easily the best description. Tall tropical flora envelope a garden of bistro tables while soft lights and rhythmic music are emitted from speakers hidden beneath the trees. The ambiance is cosy, tropical, unpretentious and elegant. A menu of duck, lobster, beef, salmon, and other island delights, has quite a big act to follow after our delectable lunch with Chef Lori, and somehow they still manage to tickle our palates. I opt for the duck confit with porcini ravioli, while my husband opts for the two way conch, followed by fresh lobster.

A bit tired, full and thoroughly relaxed, we return to our villa to find a master light show of jewel-toned hues illuminating every feature of the house – a brilliant and unexpected element to the entire design concept. The artful thinking required to achieve this level of ambience in lighting placement, was astonishing. We gaze around in amazement while locating two wine glasses from the pantry. With a bottle of Bordeaux in hand, we collapse on the sofa of our outside movie theatre, light a fire, toast to our luxurious discovery down the road less travelled, and relish in the idea that we get to wake up and do it all over again!


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