Chris Issa, developer and proud Jamaican, wants you to really experience Jamaica.

To get to know a place truly, you have to live in the space as if it were your own. At Spanish Court, Kingston and the soon-to-be opened Montego Bay location, importance is placed on welcoming guests in true Jamaican style. The vision of developer Christopher Issa, Spanish Court in Kingston was launched successfully, but not without some surprise.

Once a shopping centre, the new hotel redefined the hotel guest experience in a more intimate way. “The team at Spanish Court is dedicated to making you feel at home. While we do offer guests meal plans, we also encourage them to get out and explore our cities, our culture and our country. We hope that our hotel will be a luxury base camp from which our guests will get a true sense of Jamaica.”

Considering the Kingston area hadn’t had any new architectural development in years, the emergence of a new space seemed to have breathed new life into the town as well. In fact, Issa is focused on bringing the glamour and liveliness of Miami Beach to Jamaica’s own Doctor’s Cave Beach. The main reason for this is to encourage new visitors who may want the upbeat vibe of a vibrant city, and the activities that naturally follow in a thriving city.

With a new location soon come, Issa is steeped in the details of ensuring the new Montego Bay (MoBay) location is something different for all guests to enjoy. Whether for business or pleasure, Kingston is becoming an event and party capital, and also an urban oasis minutes from the city.

Issa, who speaks in a warm lilting Jamaican cadence, simply said, “We hope our Montego Bay property will be a cultural museum you can sleep in. We already have a very talented curator for the hotel whose job it is to weave the heartbeat of Jamaica throughout the hotel with just the right amount of Irie.

By placing focus on the cultural and historical aspect of the island, as well as top-notch service and amenities, Spanish Court offers a lot more than a hotel room, pool and stunning views. Rather, the atmosphere that is crafted is one of a home-stay, but with the guest’s comfort in mind.”

Spanish Court’s lobby will also function as an entertainment space where artwork, performances, speaking series, and other event happenings will be among the hotels line-up of activities on a regular basis.

Now that Issa is almost ready to launch his new MoBay location, he holds fast to the belief that Jamaica has it in herself to be the go-to destination for travellers who want a real cultural experience, as well as the friendly service that Jamaicans are known for.

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