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Coming together in true Bajan form

Marie Gomez has been churning out delicious meals for her clients for several years.   Today, Good Friday, her clients are a different group.  60 portions of vegetable with barley and noodle soup will leave her kitchen to feed the health care workers on the frontline of the crisis.  Marie says she was off to a good start when hotels and restaurants began to donate vegetables they would never be able to use.  She bagged and froze as many vegetables as she could and today she is turning that into much appreciated hot meals.  Social Media in Barbados got busy .. as she says ‘a network of moms sprang into action’.    Groups such as Covid Volunteers Barbados began posting that meals were needed for frontline workers .  Soon Marie was hearing from clients .. how could they help?  Some donate food, others money … “people ring me and say ‘I don’t cook, but I want to help in some way”

“People like me who have a little home business are able to help, but really it is a combined effort.” She says through social media, and this network of women, they are are getting the meals out there.  Twice a week, Covid Volunteers Barbados and other groups pass by and collect the meals and then the organized distribution begins”  Today she believes her soups are going to the health care workers doing testing on patients.
MACO gives a big shout out to volunteers all across Barbados and the Caribbean who are working through this tough time.
Hot soup
Marie in action
Yummy Pelau
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