Silver Sands, Grenada's finest luxury accommodation, aims to make owners and visitors the happiest ever.

Large-scale developer Naguib Sawiris fell in love with Grenada so deeply that he is building a luxury destination experience that will revolutionise the sunny seascape of Grand Anse beach. “I have travelled the world and I have rarely seen as nice people as I have here,” Sawiris said.

Known as the “Spice Island,” this wee country is one of the world’s largest exporters of nutmeg and mace crops. Grenada also includes six smaller isles at the Southern end of the Grenadines. Many people dream of owning a home-away-from-home in the Caribbean, be it for family pleasure or leisure later on in life. However, the modern and chic appointments at Silver Sands dare the ultimate dreamer to parlay those dreams into reality earlier in life.

If home ownership isn’t in the cards, a hotel stay is still a viable way to experience this soon-to-be-revealed luxury accommodation. Set amidst the natural elements, Silver Sands makes the most of the beige tones that conjure images of finely milled beach sand. It is this attention to detail that sets this hotel apart. It blends seamlessly into its surroundings, with décor that allows the isle’s natural beauty to shine.

Sawiris, who has always been ahead of the curve in investments and unique business opportunities, expands the project with his trademark “Sawiris opulence.” “We’re totally in love with this island,” Sawiris said. “It’s not just about making money; it’s about how you can make people happy. The Spice Islands are the perfect blend of a warm and welcoming people, breathtaking nature, and a quaint culture that immediately makes you feel right at home.”

To realise the Silver Sands dream project, Sawiris required a team to create a luxurious ambience that would define the vibe of the hotel and space. Ultimately, AW2, the French design duo, was the perfect fit for the relaxed elegance that would become the signature style of Silver Sands.

Headed by Stéphanie Ledoux and Réda Amalou, AW2 has over the past 15 years designed hotels in over 30 countries, with a focus on design and architecture working together. They have garnered awards and accolades for their unique approach to design and architecture. Drawing inspiration from Grenada itself, the team worked arduously to ensure that their modern design blended into the natural landscape. The villas, suites and rooms create a series of indoor and outdoor spaces to take advantage of the vistas and spectacular beachfront.

Although Silver Sands is approximately a year away from completion, Sawiris and his team have fought hard to preserve the beauty and untouched feel of the island. “We’re going to do it in a good way, a way that cares for the environment,” Sawiris added. “The beach has been left as untouched as possible, with the hotel and building all tailored to enhance the environment instead of hinder it.

“The Silver Sands Grenada is set to create a new benchmark in the guest luxury resort experience,” he said. “Silver Sands is set to become a luxurious destination in the heart of a vibrant authentic setting and, hopefully, become a major attraction in the Caribbean.”

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