Fun ways to make your home Caribbean chic.

As designers of luxury villas throughout the Caribbean, OBMI is frequently asked what are the most lavish amenities that owners can include in their personal tropical oasis. Their secrets are unveiled, as follows:

1. Smart Home Automation 

Smart home technology is one trend that is gaining momentum with designers, home owners and the techie in all of us. From a fully integrated smart home system to various smart home gadgets, the industry is rapidly evolving into a multi-million-dollar hub of creative concepts to help make our homes more comfortable using the latest in technology. Integrated security systems can be controlled in the palm of your hand whether in the home office or your Manhattan office.

Integrated smart homes typically begin during the design stage of a home and can control everything that runs on electricity: locks, lights, shades and shutters, heating and cooling to security cameras. It’s important to discuss your desire for a smart home early with your architect to ensure it integrates seamlessly with the way you live.

2. Killer Views 

The Caribbean is blessed with some of the most spectacular views in the world, and we know how to ensure your home will showcase perfectly framed views: sunrises and sunsets; lush tropical foliage and endless sea views from every room. The design team starts by appreciating the site and its opportunities to frame views while blending into its natural footprint. Capturing and enhancing these views is an art and a must-have amenity for every island living home.Every luxury home must view water, whether that’s a view of the Caribbean Sea, a lake, a private waterfall or a pool. Private beaches further enhance the envy appeal of this amenity, along with sought-after private open spaces.

3. Indoor-Outdoor Living

This living comes with the territory in the Caribbean. With the endless sunshine and tropical tradewinds, island living boasts the best in alfresco dining and lounging in front of bedazzling views. To take full advantage of the weather and incredible vistas, we
are frequently asked to extend the living spaces outside. Whether homeowners want an eloquent outdoor cooking area extending the kitchen’s reach or go all-in with a segmented villa design tied together through a series of pavilions, one thing is certain,
indoor-outdoor space is a must-have amenity. During the design process, it’s important to plan for these spaces so that they can share the same language bringing together the best of both worlds.

4. Fire & Water: Resort-Style Pools & Landscaping

A must for luxury tropical living is a pool, but bespoke clientele are now demanding resort-style pools that dip their infinity edges into the warm waters of the Caribbean or feature waterfalls, fountains, swim-up bars and more. The more unique and the more amenities, the greater the envy-appeal, especially when water is elegantly set apart with fire. Integrated fire pits throughout your outdoor areas and even into the pool’s design raise the dramatic effect of both elements. Outdoor fireplaces make perfect gathering
places even in tropical areas due to fire’s natural soothing and natural draw.

5. In-Home Spas

Spa treatments are becoming essential elements for a healthy lifestyle. Homeowners are incorporating massage rooms, elaborate heated loungers, dry saunas, steam rooms, deep soaking jetted tubs and fireplaces fitted with opulent lighting and luxurious marbles into luxurious escapes that enhance their tropical island getaways, enabling them to indulge in
their spa fantasies every day at home.

6. Wine Cellars, Tasting Rooms & Art Galleries

From classic dark mahogany woods and stone floors to open spaces detailed in metal and glass, personal wine cellars can be a work of art for the luxury seeker. Today’s wine cellars are now visually opening up to not only showcase their liquid assets but also to create modern wine rooms that seamlessly blend into their surrounding through materials, décor and visual openness. These innovative and multi-functional wine cellars turned self-contained entertaining spaces are an oenophile’s dream and everyone else’s covetous. Along with private cellars, art galleries that house extensive private art collections are being designed into luxury residences across the Caribbean. From a formal gallery to integrating the collections into the entire home, we work with clients to showcase their prized art.

7. Exercise Rooms, Yoga Studios & Private Gyms

Dedicated space for fitness needs, high-end equipment, yoga studios and athletic facilities are becoming commonplace among health-conscious clients. Some clientele are even completing their lavish fitness amenities with oxygen therapy rooms. When it comes to luxury amenities, it’s all about finding the amenities that fit your lifestyle. Then when you’re ready to get started, be sure to contact an architect that knows island luxury and will work with you to turn your dreams into reality.

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