points for poinsettia

Nothing screams Christmas like a perfectly bloomed poinsettia plant. Adding to the overall richness of the holiday season, the poinsettia‘s velvety leaves and unabashed red hue has become synonymous with festivity. Come to think of it, no other floral accoutrements can really rival the poinsettia. Holly sprigs come close, but still, no dice when compared to this floral powerhouse.

Even more interesting is the fact that this lovely plant was birthed in warmer climes. Hence, the widespread love for this plant during the Caribbean Christmas season. The poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is a houseplant that is said to have originated in Mexico and Central America. Its flowering months are between December to January, which would explain why its popularity is outmatched during the holiday season. I mean, who can really blame its massive popularity; it’s a thing of sheer beauty. Notably, there are white and pink bracts (types) of poinsettias that are as equally stunning.

Though, to keep that loveliness beyond the initial purchase, a bit more care is needed to ensure that this plants blooms each year. According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), poinsettias ought to be watered sparingly, as they will wither and die from overwatering.

Rather regular misting is also advised to keep them fresh and bountiful. Another interesting fact about the poinsettia is that it’s like a one-hit wonder of sorts. Once it’s done flowering, the poinsettia is apt to die. However, the RHS recommend that re-potting, regular pruning and keeping them in comfortable temperatures year round should extend the life of the poinsettia plant.

Considering that poinsettias are fairly easy to tend to, it means they are also easy to decorate with. Pot them; put them in a clean wine bottle or pretty much any empty vessel you would like to re-use, and you have the perfect Christmas decorations.

Here are a few pointers for creating easy centrepieces and other floral accessories using poinsettia:

Mini Poinsettia Christmas Tree: Using a medium sized flower pot of your choice, arrange poinsettia flowers in a cone shape so that it looks like a Christmas tree. Add fronds and other sprigs of greenery for a complete look.

Poinsettia “Bows” : Try using a real poinsettia bloom to finish off your most precious presents. Gently fasten a twist-tie, or bit of twine to the ribbon for a natural wrapping option. You could also use those lovely pink versions as a table napkin holder as well.

Creative Table Toppers: You know those bulb decorations you have with missing string and cap that covers the end? Don’t throw those out! Instead, stick a pink or white poinsettia in the small opening and place the bulb upside down onto a small pot. Voila! You have a festive bit of décor that’s not only creative, but re-uses your existing pieces as well.

Perk Up your Poinsettias: Go nuts! Why not mix all available hues of poinsettias and create a truly spectacular showpiece that blends both traditional and modern elements. Why not use bits of canvas artfully twirled, along with other fresh blooms. Either way, have fun with creating something that represents you and your family.