How indoor herb gardens can save you time and money…

No matter the size of your kitchen area, installing an indoor herb garden is probably one of the best investments an apartment dweller or homeowner can make. Not only is it easy to manage, it may just be an economically sound way of infusing flavour in your healthy meals without going bankrupt. Great too if you happen to have a smaller workspace, or none for that matter, as hanging or suspended herb gardens do not take up much space at all. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Hey, Sunshine

If you happen to have a kitchen full of natural light, great, any wall will do. Alas, if all you’ve got is your apartment balcony, this is idea too. Once those herbs get the necessary sunshine and water, placing the decorative buckets or small pots is the easy part. The hard part is the initial set-up, but something tells us you wouldn’t mind playing in the dirt a little.


Vertical Does It

If you happen to have a flat wall that gets some natural light, then you could also look into vertical gardens. The idea here is to create either a hanging feature, like planks, and glue or fasten aluminium cans or even mason jars to the wood. From there, you may plant small herbs like chives, bhandaniya aka chadon beni, basil and thyme. These are easy to care for and are, of course, delicious!


Horizontal Works Too

Since DIY is fun and there are so many trends and tips out there, another option is to use towel bars in order to hang pretty pots filled with herbaceous fronds. The key is to find the light, and also vary the size and type of trough or pot.


Create a Crate

Experienced DIY-ers know how to create a box using crates, but even if you aren’t that knowledgeable we all know what boxes with slats look like! Once you have fastened your crate material together to form a tall, but narrow box, insert the herbs inside and let them hang through the slits. Use chain to suspend and once set up, this hanging garden not only adds a rustic element to your kitchen décor, but also gives you ample room to grow your indoor herb garden.

Whichever idea you like best and want to try your hand it, the key is to remember, there are rules, except to have fun!


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