The Timeless Classic

Walk into a bar, any bar. You may not spot it at first but look carefully. The oversized white label, the bright yellow cap. There it is, the small but iconic bar essential found in every corner of the globe—Angostura® bitters. This potent aromatic is the staple in every mixologist’s arsenal, the je ne sais quoi in many a dish, and the finishing touch to the world’s finest cocktails.

It comes as little surprise, then, to hear that ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters and ANGOSTURA® orange bitters have been named as the bestselling and trending brands in the 2018 Drinks International Awards. Approaching their 10-year anniversary, the prestigious awards reflect the buying habits of the most elite bars and renowned professionals in the industry. As CEO Genevieve Jodhan concludes, the accolade of being the leading bitters brand amongst this distinguished circle “shows that Angostura® bitters is truly in a class of its own.”

The world’s never-ending love affair with Angostura® bitters began in 1824 when Dr Johann Siegert created the piquant mix, a secret blend that continues to be cloaked in mystery. Rooted in its humble beginnings, Angostura® bitters remains exclusively manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago and the original recipe is still in use to this day.

Age may be a work of art but ask all the greats—Elton, Pele, Madonna, Ali. Becoming the best is difficult. Remaining the best is even tougher. Angostura® has found itself in the class of these one-name wonders and despite an ever-competitive market, it has continued its 200-year streak of dominating the industry.

While that’s partly down to the history, it’s also due to Angostura®’s focus on the future. Angostura®’s latest innovation is Amaro di ANGOSTURA®, which brings a chocolate flavour to the world of bitters and follows the creation of ANGOSTURA® orange bitters in 2007. And they haven’t just stopped at new bitters.

Angostura® holds the Global Cocktail Challenge, a competition that attracts hundreds of mixologists to invent ground-breaking cocktails—with the help of a dash or two of Angostura® bitters, of course. Maybe fine wines get better with age but two centuries later, it seems that Angostura® bitters simply never ages. Now that’s something to say cheers to!