Regional chocalatiers conquer the world, one bite at a time...

Your doctor will agree with us on this one—chocolate is good for you! Now, while many medical practitioners tout the health benefits of dark chocolate, we all love a bit of milk chocolate with nuts and other yummy ingredients. Aswith all good things to eat, moderation is key, but if you’re talking Caribbean chocolate, then you know the quality is the highest in the world.

Cocoa production is having a royal moment, since many consumers are now looking for more sustainable and organic products. Islanders have long known the secret behind the world’s best chocolate, and now the world is catching up! We’ve done the legwork (so tough really!) to highlight our favourites among the chocolatiers on several islands in the Caribbean… all you have to do is enjoy!

Boucan at Hotel Chocolat, Saint Lucia 

Though this brand is known worldwide, Boucan at Hotel Chocolat on Saint Lucia, has an extra touch: it combines knowledge with luxury accommodations. Guests are encouraged to attend tasting programmes to learn more about cocoa processing and chocolate production. Lucky guests have the distinct pleasure of touring the plantation, tasting raw cocoa in the pod and then the final, yummy products.

Cocobel Chocolate, Trinidad, 

Cocobel Chocolate, created by Isabel Brash, starts with single estate Trinitario cocoa grown at Rancho Quemado in southern Trinidad. A palate of local flavours (mango pepper, guava cheese, passion fruit, tamarind, coconut, coffee, rum) and spices (cardamom, basil mint, chadon beni) inspire an array of confections. Cocobel’s first edition chocolate bars are crafted and packaged to evoke the golden age of Trinidad’s cuisine and art. Cocobel has won fans among local and international connoisseurs, not to mention passionate chocolate lovers everywhere.

Tobago Estate Chocolate, W.I., Tobago

Doubling as a Heritage Park and cocoa plantation in luscious Tobago, the Cocoa Estate W.I. Ltd was established in 2005 by Tobago-born Duane Dove. Since then, Tobago Estate Chocolate W.I., has put the island on the map for delicious reasons. Known for its fine cocoa, the plantation produces some of the best chocolate in world.

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