When life gives you lemons or limes, add tequila.

When Oprah Winfrey once asked the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson what she did to lose weight, the latter simply replied, “Hot water and lemon.” Bright yellow, or a mottled yellow and green hue, the lemon and lime are little spheres of goodness containing antioxidants called bioflavonoids. Lemon or lime juice is the historical cure for scurvy, a result of vitamin C deficiency, and is also credited with reducing the symptoms of tinnitus and kidney stones.

In the Caribbean, rough-skin lemon (looks like a Kaffir lime) is especially prized to cure coughs and sore throats when laced with honey, and the boiled peel is a tea for curing gas. But limes and lemons also add an invigorating aroma to pies, biscuits and cakes. The famous Key lime is the main ingredient for the famous Floridian staple, Key Lime Pie. It’s even said that if the limes aren’t specifically Key limes, the flavour is not the same since other limes aren’t as tart or bitter.

In the mood for something sweet and tangy now? Check out this recipe for a luscious Lemon Tart.


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