One of the most exciting benefits of being on vacation in an exotic locale is trying new types of foods, and the Caribbean is one of the best places to do just that. Anguilla is famous for fantastic varieties of seafood and there are plenty of delicious restaurants in Anguilla for you to try during your stay. Here is just a sampling of some of the best restaurants in Anguilla to consider.

Blanchards Restaurant

What’s nice about Blanchards among Anguilla restaurants is its simplicity. The food is sophisticated without being overcomplicated, with delicious seafood overseen by its owners, Executive Chef Melissa Blanchard and Wine Steward Bob Blanchard. You’ll feel like you’re dining in paradise, surrounded by a lush garden with the beach just beyond. And if you enjoy Blanchards, you’ll want to give the casual Blanchards Beach Shack, right on the beach, a try as well.

Planet Dune

If you’re looking for more of a fun bar atmosphere than a sit-down meal, try out the Planet Dune Live Music Lounge at Rendezvous Bay. This beach bar features live music and a bar made out of shipwreck driftwood!

The Pumphouse

Directions for the Pumphouse read: “on your right, past two-speed bumps, one dish drain, several chickens and maybe a dog or two.” If you’re looking for real Caribbean atmosphere among restaurants in Anguilla, along with food that can’t be beaten, head over to the Pumphouse in Sandy Ground Village.

Explore Anguilla Restaurants


Johnnos Place AnguillaJohnno’s Place

If it’s Sunday and you’re in Anguilla, this ‘right-on-the-beach’ restaurant and bar is a definite “must”. (Read more…)



Scilly Cay AnguillaScilly Cay Restaurant

Lobster … Lobster … Lobster

Plucked out of the sea cages to-order, this restaurant only serves one size – GIGANTIC, and it’s the only thing you need to order here. (Read more…)


Sandy IslandSandy Island Restaurant and Bar

This “eatery” is off-off island…it’s the sweetest ½ day excursion. As with everything Anguilla, it is low key, easy, breezy and if all is as it should be – sunny like every other day in Anguilla. (Read more…)


Blanchards Beach ShackBlanchard’s Beach Shack… A tradition of “YUMMY”

This neat little quick-order cantina is the latest in the good food tradition from restaurateurs Bob and Melinda Blanchard. Blanchards Beach Shack is the flip-flop sandal offering to the original… (Read more…)


Barbecue feverBarbecue Fever: Ready, Set, Barbecue

Johnny Cakes, Chicken, Fish. You name it, they’re grilling it! Let the grills, aprons and cleavers come out to play.  It’s the weekend and in Anguilla, that means it’s barbecue time. (Read more…)


Planet DunePlanet Dune

Come drink and dine in the treetops. (We mean that literally). This seaside restaurant and bar is an elaborate labyrinth of a treetop dwelling right on the beach. (Read more…)



Blanchards RestaurantBlanchards Restaurant

They met as psychology majors at a university in Vermont, USA. Now Bob and Melinda Blanchard are icons and owners of Blanchards Restaurant on Meads Bay at the western end of Anguilla. (Read more…)


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