Barbados is home to the oldest rum distillery in the world.

Forget the notion of rum swilling pirates or thoughts of salacious over-drinking, Barbados rums are decadent and smooth brews that one should savour just you would a good wine and fine champagne. Let it invade your mouth; tease your palate and warm you up. For centuries, Barbados has been producing some of the world’s finest rums and is touted as the birthplace of this famed beverage. Just as Napa Valley is renowned for stellar wine, Barbados is known for fantastically good rum.

Mount Gay Rum

The oldest rum distillery in the world, Mount Gay has been bottling amber liquid gold since 1703. Bottled in Barbados, Mount Gay Rum’s distinctive brew has a long, storied history and an exciting new future. Remember what Daniel Craig’s Bond ordered during his Bahamas stint in Casino Royale‘ You got it! It was Mount Gay rum indeed. There is a variety of Mount Gay Rums that are produced, including White, Extra Old, and flavoured. And last but not least is the flagship brand, Mount Gay Eclipse. As one of Barbados’ most high profile products, Mount Gay Rum starts and ends with the finest ingredients and manners of ageing. With a slew of other flavours and tasting notes, the Mount Gay Rum line will leave you wanting more.

Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park 

Sitting on a lush eight acres of plantation, the Foursquare Rum Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory and has been beautifully landscaped as a park and entertainment venue. The factory and plantation outbuildings have been restored to pristine condition. Owned by the Seale family – which can be s roots on the island back to the 1650s, has been exercising their rum knowledge for decades. As a family owned distillery, much of the time and money is spent honing the tasting notes of their rums.

The distillery is also homed next to a park where you can visit and pet a few animals, shop for goodies or just enjoy the gorgeous Caribbean surroundings. Despite the libations, the Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park has something for the adults and kids at the same time.

West Indian Rum Distillery 

Born in 1893, the Stades brothers set out to export rum to their home in Germany. Having introduced the first continuous still to the Caribbean, the formerly monikered West India Rum Refinery and the brothers were pioneers in scientific rum making. Home to the famous Cockspur Fine Rum, Malibu, Gilbeys and Popo Rums, these main items are bottled along with a wide range of bottled water, including Crystal Spring. Rum aficionados and curious folk, will love the plethora of rums to taste and savour during the distilleries’ tasting service.

Barbados may be known for its lovely beaches, but true Caribbean lovers will know of the isle’s famous Rum legacy.


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