Our writer couldn't resist sharing her picks for spots to grab a quick bite or drink while visiting Turks and Caicos.

Nevermind the 40 islands that makeup Turks and Caicos, I ventured to Providenciales for a few days to eat and drink my way around the island, for research purposes of course. One can’t get a feel of any country if you’re not giving into the local way of life, and that of course includes, food and more glorious food! Never far from premium wines, champanges and cocktails, Providenciales is the perfect place for island charm with distinct European and Western influences. Here are a few standout spots you should leave room for.

Da Conch Shack

Formerly owned by a man named Bugaloo, Da Conch Shack is a fair trek from Long Beach Bay and Grace Bay, the two more popular beaches on the island. The drive is absolutely worth it as the freshly caught conch is de-shelled, cleaned, marinated quickly and cooked to order. The must have is the conch fritter, delightly fluffy balls of fried dough peppered with chunks of fresh conch throughout. Other standout dishes included the cracked conch, fried much like oysters or shrimp, and served with fresh sauces. If you’re into lime-soaked, slightly sweet and spicy ceviche, then the conch version will leave you satiated and ready for beer number two…or three. I’m not counting!

The Palms Turks and Caicos Known as the sister property to The Shore Club , the Palms features several well-known restaurants and a wordly sommelier who can turn even the most cautious of wine drinkers to lovers of the bottle. With masterful culinary artists in the kitchen, the dishes at Parallel23  are inventive, delicate and utterly delicious. No matter what you decide on for your meal, be it the local lobster thermidor, local grouper or their signature Ceasar salad, end things off with the amazing sticky toffee pudding. You’ll thank me even if your waistband doesn’t. Having a drink or few at L’Attitude Bar is a great way to spend your evening admiring the stars and enjoying the lively breeze.

SUI-REN at The Shore Club Turks and Caicos Here’s the thing about Sui-Ren, you might not want to leave. Sushi so fresh paired with the delicious kick of Peruvian flavours and an ambiance made for romance, SUI-REN features an impressive selection of dishes to wow even the foodiest of foodies. Everything. I suggest you try everything as this is a unique opportunity to sample the gastronmic delights at the only Japanese restaurant on the island. If you had to force me to choose one item you had to try, oddly enough it’s the vegetarian hand roll. I still can’t get over how delicious it was!

For more information on visit: The Shore Club Turks and Caicos | The Palms Turks and Caicos 

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