An elegant, old-fashioned fabric makes a trendy new comeback.

What’s soft, and comforting and fabulous all over? If you haven’t already guessed it, velvet is back, and we could not be more excited! From the runway to your driveway and straight to the front door, velvet is popping up all over in 2019.

While you can expect the velvet trend to show up like your favourite foreign family member every few seasons, this year she comes bearing gifts: colour, colour, colour! What we find particularly captivating about this year’s variety of velvet is the array of colours we have to play with. While accent colours are often an ongoing trend, this season they lend the spotlight to accent velvet pieces!

Would you like to see some of our favourites?

Cozy living room interior with red, ombre wall, bookcase and white sofa

  1. If you’re not ready to commit to the resurrected trend, but want to stay stylish, try adding a velvet throw pillow or duvet to your bedding. Cosy yet casual; who says you can’t have a thrilling, no-strings attached fling with fabulous 
    Have you ever sat in a velvet chair after a long day at work?

Dark yellow velvet armchair and golden side table. Modern furniture with retro feel.

  1. We’re sure it’s time to switch up that accent chair in your home. With a dash of velvet you can keep that look you love while sticking on trend. Not to mention, have you ever sat in a velvet chair after a long day at work? You can thank us later.

A beautifully dressed bed in purple, cream and gold in a luxury new home. The colours of the bed and dressing are all well coordinated with the headboard matching the cushions, ottoman and the bed throw, whilst the bed base is the same colour purple. On the floor is also a matching purple rug… In the background is a set of cream lacquered wardrobes. Two elegant table lamps sit either side of the bed on wood and cream lacquered bedside tables.

  1. Speaking of comfortable, velvet doesn’t only feel cosy, but its warm aesthetic lends perfectly to the bedroom. Velvet headboards are gaining huge traction, providing the bedroom setting with a trendy look, but also a relaxed feel.
    Velvet curtains will add a royal touch to any room

Small black dining table and chair in a bright white studio room interior with large bed, plants and emerald decorations

  1. Feeling bold? Dare to be different with velvet curtains. This incredible statement piece will be the Beyoncé of your home décor. Not only fabulous but functional too, these curtains are great for blocking light. Keep it soft with neutral colours or use it to add a pop of colour to your space; velvet curtains will add a royal touch to any room.

Minimal style living room interior with a navy blue couch, a patterned gray armchair and gold accents of a lamp, a coffee table and a flower stand. Real photo.

  1. In this modern age of ‘dare to be different’, the mix and match of texture and patterns has really been on the rise. Pair your velvet purchase with a metallic setting for a unique/modern contrast, or add it to your wooden/rustic scape. There’s so much fun to be had with the velvet look!

Close up of violet velvet sofa and cushions with vintage style.

Not your grandma’s velvets; the velvet variety of 2019 is wowing interior designers worldwide. Velvets had a reputation of being stiff, limited in colour and easy to stain.

But the up-and-coming generation of velvets is putting the past to rest.
Rumour has it they can be soft, low-maintenance, machine washable and stain resistant. Don’t take our word for it; go see for yourself. Available in almost any mainstream home store these days, it’s easy to source this season’s trendiest fabric.

Let me hear you say it: Va-Va- Velvet is Back!

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