This year, push trendy to the max with bold new moves.

What if we told you that even the trendiest of trends could be tweaked to be trendier? Now say that five times fast, we dare ya! But all jokes aside, it’s the truth, and we’re here to give you the whole ‘tea’ (this is the trendier slang to giving you the whole ‘scoop’). So how can you make a trend trendier, you ask?

Keep it simple with a bold colour, or go wild with a mix and match

Let’s start with the accent wall. Now don’t get us wrong; the accent wall is fabulous, and we love it, but after seeing one bold wall, you’ve seen them all. Now imagine this: an accent celling!

Contemporary Interior design of living room with decor and furniture.

simple with a bold colour, or go wild with a mix and match of patterned wallpaper
moulding or lighting fixtures: there’s no end to what you can create! A simple space with a captivating celling . . . now that’s new!

Modern studio with desk, computer and king-size bed

Speaking of simple, the minimalist trend has been skyrocketing in recent years; from the shopper, to the interior designer and even the marketer, minimalism is everywhere. So now you’re sitting there wondering where we’re going with this, right? Can you minimalize minimalism to make it trendier? Is that even possible? To that we say, “Why not?”

Modern sofa with colorful cushion in a large living room – 3D Rendering

Minimalism goes hand in hand with de-cluttering
leaving only the necessities to make the space more functional. Now, what if we took it a step further: multifunctional spaces. Multifunctional spaces have always been a key component of home design in large cities where rent is exorbitant and space is limited, but what about bringing this trend to the average home? The objective here is functionality. Consider an office space that doubles as a guest bedroom (the Murphy bed is making a comeback in 2019), a cupboard that doubles as a laundry room, or go as simple as an ottoman that adds storage to your living room. There are so many ways to get more value out of your space, and why shouldn’t you?

Hipster bedroom with bed, desk, chair and brick wall

We’re all about making trends work for you, and one of our favourites has definitely been the ‘anything goes’ attitude of the modern era, particularly when it comes to patterns and textures. It used to be that only certain colours and patterns were acceptable together. “Stripes and polka dots?! Absolutely not! Were you raised by wolves?”

3d rendering of interior with bed and working area

Today, creativity is encouraged, and even on the most influential fashion runways in the world, the mix and match magic has taken rein. Interior designers globally are having a ball playing with unthinkable combinations that have morphed from shun-worthy to stunning! “It’s all about creating cohesion through colour and a combination of non-competing scales,” interior and furniture designer Danielle Walch of The Insider explains. How to take the ‘anything goes’ trend and make it trendier? Well that’s the best part! It’s totally up to you. Why can’t your space have a splash of everything you love?

Rule number one of making the trendiest of trends trendier (have you said it five times fast yet?): make it work for you.

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