Six easy ways to kick clutter before it kicks you

Okay people, this is serious business!

Who let the tornado in the house? Was I robbed? Did someone let their kid in here unsupervised?

I need an explanation, because there’s no way my space is this untidy! I just cleaned it up yesterday . . . . Hmmm, was that yesterday or last week? Who really knows?

I want to believe that if you’re reading this you’ve had a similar internal dialogue at least once in your life (if not weekly). You tidy your space, life happens, and suddenly you’re staring into a brand new mess with a big smirk on its face—metaphorical, of course. Just because our space looks nuts, doesn’t mean we’re nuts (most of the time).

The bottom line is, when your space is cluttered your mind becomes cluttered as well. For your own sanity, no amount of ‘busy’ should excuse a messy space, because I can assure you that a growing mess becomes a teasing avalanche both visually and emotionally. Serenity starts in your home and we want to help you find it.

The first step to a tidy home (after getting rid of what you don’t need, of course) is to know that everything in your home needs a home of its own. Have the last laugh on mess with these simple but effective home-tidying hacks.

Serenity starts in your home and we want to help you find it

1 The Inbox

Overhead view of blank clipboard note pad paper with pen on office table as mock up copy space for check or to do list

We all have those papers hanging around that we will “deal with later”. Be it bills, invitations, school papers or otherwise, it adds up! Avoid the mess and the probability of misplacing something important by using a wall clipboard for all of the papers that need addressing . . . later. Chose a clipboard instead of a drawer as it gives you a limit to how long you can avoid the read. Start small; an organized mess is better than an actual mess.

We love to turn clutter into creativity

2 The S Hook

closeup of a lot of wooden hangers

The ‘S’ in the S-hook can only stand for Superman, because this unexpected hero always comes to the rescue. Use these on a closet rod to hang hats, belts, handbags . . . almost anything! The S-hook gives everything a hanging home, tucked away and off the floor.

3 Magnetic Magic

White heart magnet hook hanging white and pink hearts isolated on white, business concept as leadership or friend help friends

Try using magnetic strips to tidy your spaces. Use them in your bathroom for essentials like your nail clippers/scissors or tweezers. Try them in your bedroom closet for belts, or even your kitchen for those metal spatulas and spoons. We love to turn clutter into creativity.

When your space is cluttered your mind becomes cluttered as well

4 The Shower Rod Spectacular

Modern design bathroom

Use a small shower rod to transform your under-the-sink-clutter into a mini closet, by hanging your cleaning supplies. This not only allows for more space in your cupboard, but it’s also far easier on the eye.

5 Brilliant Basket

Bath towels and basket with accessories for spa on blur background

Decorative baskets in the washroom holding your towels, wire baskets in the kitchen organizing your ingredients, plastic baskets in the toy room . . . well, you get it! Whatever your preference, baskets are the secret tidying tool you underestimated. Disguise them as decorative pieces, these unsung heroes are here to save the day.

So there you go, a few small ideas that add up to huge savings on time, minimise frustration, and cut down on clutter.

You’re welcome.

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