Trinidad designer has a keen sense of style.

As it is with many creative people, an aptitude for interior design often comes down to a natural affinity for design and partnering varying styles. Meet Lizzy Abraham of Lizzy B Spaces, a petite mum whose innate love of design is evident when you first meet her. She will immediately light upon a bauble that catches her fancy and examine not just its beauty, but also its construction. As a former jewellery design graduate, Abraham wound up back in Trinidad working as a sales consultant for a technology company.

Now, years later, Abraham, affectionately known to many as Lizzy or her social media handle Lizzy Loves, is also keenly aware that she is a novice in theory. Though Lizzy has yet to receive her credentials in interior design, her portfolio of design projects speak for themselves. From her own home, which seemed to have acted as a sample resumé, to the many clients she has worked with, Lizzy tells it like it is, but with a smile to boot.

MACO sat down with Lizzy to learn more about what she loves and more.

MACO: What inspires you when it comes to interior design?

LA: Clients tend to know what they want, but they may not necessarily see the entire end result. I can visualise the end result and it is easier for me to execute according to the clients needs. I usually accompany them on shopping trips as putting pieces together is often the greatest challenge.

MACO: How do you go about approaching a project for a client?

LA: I always advise my client to make a wish list and prioritise their financial spend as many people have budgets and certain areas in the home that they use the most. The kitchen, master bath and bedroom and entertainment space are the most important. I ask every client what their lifestyle is like to help them figure out where to spend their budget. I also advise clients who may have a very limited budget to take it in stages. It is OK to tackle one space at a time, but I always encourage clients to consider the kitchen first as it is where most families spend their time. Paint goes a long way when you’re trying to be creative on a budget!

MACO: What area is the challenging aspect of interior design?

LA: The one area I don’t know how to do is to draw plans. I work with an architect to ensure the proper measurements are used. From there, I work on the design once a professional completes the measurements.

MACO: What brings you the greatest joy when creating a look for a client?

LA: I remember my first client and although I was happy to receive payment for my first job, I was a lot more pleased by how happy she was than the money. I realised I loved what I was doing and I figured I could make a business out of interior decorating based on how she enjoyed her new home.

MACO: What is the biggest space you have ever designed?

LA: I was able to decorate Sonja Gonsalves’ house, which has an indoor entertainment area leading to the outdoor deck and pool. It was somewhat difficult to plan as it involved considering the flow between spaces. But it was a great challenge and fun to work with.

MACO: What is your favourite colour palette?

LA: Cools and neutrals. I am known for the looks I create with neutral tones with splashes of colour in the décor. I usually recommend clients to think about the ease of changing cushions as opposed to having to repaint bright walls!

MACO: What are some of the design trends you have noticed for this year?

LA: Clean, modern, uncluttered design that helps the person feel at ease in the space. Cluttered spaces gives the feeling of constriction, as opposed to having the minimalist appeal.

MACO: What would you recommend for first-time owners who may not know which space to target?

LA: Definitely the kitchen, entertainment and TV room. Most homes don’t have the traditional living/dining room anymore. I ask my clients what their lifestyle is like before considering these aspects. If a client wants to head right to their bedroom to relax or go out on their porch to enjoy a glass of wine, I consider their needs before designing a space.

MACO: What are some of your favourite design concepts?

LA: I tend to lean towards an eclectic mix of design. I mix modern with classic and antique. A client should be able to mix elements according to their taste too. It is the whole purpose of creating a space that reflects the personality of the client. I often have to encourage people to mix pieces, but it can work!

MACO: What’s it like working with Lizzy B Spaces?

LA: I tend to be an easy-going personality to work with and if any client wants to call me up to find out how I can help, I will be happy to start a conversation. As I always tell my clients, I don’t live in their house, but I will do my very best to make their space reach its full potential.

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