At this Nassau penthouse, trust is secret design element.

One of the most inspiring and motivational moments for a designer is when a client expresses trust early on in the process, allowing for creative development that renders the best results. This was the case when the owners of a Nassau penthouse condominium asked Codeana Ltd owner Shelley Coston to work her magic on their 5,000-square-foot space; Coston was thrilled at the opportunity.

“I was extremely grateful for these particular clients because they were incredibly trusting and gave me a lot of artistic freedom, which doesn’t come with every job,” says Coston. “Their tastes and preferences are very similar to what I had envisioned for the space. We were pretty much on the same page all the way through.” The results of the penthouse owners’ trust in Coston are nothing short of spectacular.

The accomplished interior designer capitalised on the condo’s 360-degree Nassau views by pulling the trademark Bahama ocean blues inside with a palette of navies and turquoises, creating seamless visuals from the inside out. As you step off the lift into the great room, the impact of Coston’s design is bold and immediate. A large hanging print captures the ethereal moments of a young woman floating, suspended in the water, the light playing off the blues just as it does in the harbour five stories below the condominium.

The Ercole console table below the photograph displays explosions of blue in shapes reminiscent of coral. The drama encircles the room with a Phillip Jeffries wallpaper design of broad strokes of blue, evocative of the ocean just outside the penthouse’s windows. “The fact that this room is a precursor to the view is really quite striking,” says Coston. The realities of function were also taken into consideration. The owners frequently enjoy entertaining, so the materials chosen were light, yet practical. The owners’ sizeable art collection was the final parameter Coston had to work within, ensuring each piece was harmoniously incorporated with its room’s design. Coston’s design choices in this Nassau penthouse reflect her Bahamian upbringing. In addition to practising locally, she’s also worked in Florida and Ecuador, where her tropical inspiration continued to develop and flourish. “You’re naturally used to a lighter, brighter palette when you’re from an island,” she says. “You’re not so afraid of colour. It’s less serious, less formal.”

Though Coston has her own unique style and preferences, she strives to ensure that no two of her designs are alike. This is especially important in such a small community as Nassau, where repetition would be noticeable and trite. “You shouldn’t be able to recognise who has designed a home the moment you walk in,” says Coston. “In order to give the client what they really deserve, you have to put in the work and find new, fresh, original items to use. I really work very hard to reflect the personality of the client and their dreams and desires rather than just putting my stamp on it. ”


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