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Colour me Coral

Our world doesn’t always function in harmony, but you can be sure that when the Pantone colour of the year is ready for release, innovators across all industries harmonise to paint the world in one fabulous shade of beautiful. In 2019, the Pantone colour of the year pays tribute to one of the world’s most vital organisms: the living coral. It’s luminous, glowing, and certainly eye-catching.

We adore the industry’s ode to nature, so before we show you all of the fabulous ways to incorporate this colour into your 2019, let’s take a moment to get a few facts straight on living coral.

Coral reefs, also known as ‘the rain forest of the sea’, are home to a large portion of the world’s biodiversity. According to National Geographic, “scientists estimate that 25% of all marine life live in and around coral reefs.” In the last decade, our coral reefs have seen grave depletion in the face of global warming, leading to increased ocean temperatures and coral bleaching, in addition to the effects of water pollution and other human activities threatening this symbiotic ecosystem. Without living coral, sea life would suffer tremendously; millions of humans would lose a major source of food; unemployment would increase tenfold in marine disciplines such as fishing and food production; a key source of breakthrough medicines would disappear—and we’re only sailing on the surface here.

It’s clear that living coral must be protected. Each time you incorporate this fabulous hue into your design this 2019, we challenge you to raise awareness of the cause and find ways to contribute to our earth in a positive manner.

Now, let’s get down to business. Here’s how to incorporate Living Coral in your 2019:

Home Décor

Paired with greys, beige or deep blues, Living Coral is cool, chic and uplifting.

The soft touch of coral can lift any room. Start with any accent piece in your home; be it the front door, an accent wall, couch, rug or throw pillow. Paired with greys, beige or deep blues, Living Coral is cool, chic and uplifting in any space.


Innovators across all industries harmonise to paint the world in one fabulous shade of beautiful.

It’s not uncommon for the average person to separate techy trends from design trends, but in an era of mix and match, why not blend the two worlds? Incorporate Living Coral by using it on your phone case, a pair of headphones, your watch or clock, or even that blender in your kitchen. There are so many fun ways to accent your life with the colour of the year outside of your typical home décor.

Beauty and Fashion

Toy with Living Coral by using it in your make-up palette, clothing or even your accessories.
Beloved make-up brands like MAC and NARS are on trend and stocked with eye shadow palettes, nail polish, blush, and the list goes on. Almost anything you can dream in Living Coral is waiting for you.

Social Media

Have you ever considered curating your social media feed by colour? Use it in your personal feed or your marketing content; what better way to stay ahead of the trend in a visual world than with the colour of the year?

With so many ways to bring Living Coral to life, the 2019 Pantone colour of the year is making waves through the design community across all fields. We can’t wait to see how you incorporate it!

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Carly Coutts

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