From classical to cosy, here are a few ideas for your office away from the office.

In the online age of freelancers and freedom seekers, the home office is quickly becoming a must-have room (or space) in the home. While some fancy a comfortable bed, and others the comfort of a neighbourhood coffee shop, we always recommend finding an inspiring space in which to get the job done. I mean, taking over the world from the cappuccino kingdom down the street works too, but if you’re going to be your own boss, don’t you want to feel like a boss?

No matter your personality, we can source a space that speaks to you!

1 The Minimalist

Picture of simple white study area in teenager room

Keep it simple and to the point. This all-white space keeps the mind as clear as a blank canvas. With only the necessities nearby, there’s no room to fiddle or fumble; you have one task at hand and all the tools you need to focus on it.

2 The Modern Creative

Bedroom with cozy design.

They say that one can’t be both creative and organized, but what if the trick is that the creative mind actually finds focus in the busy pockets where the average person cannot? We adore the mixture of hues and colours, paired with the modern pop of metal elements that brings this space to life. Funky-chic; there’s something charming about organized chaos.

3 The Space Saver

The stylish elegant interior of home personal office room. Study room.

Discard the misconception that you need a grand home for a great office space—all you need is a little creativity and . . . well, a cupboard! Yes you read that correctly. How cute is this space-saving office? Like a child who dreams of a secret door leading to a magical place, you can close the door at night, keeping all your secrets to success tucked away for tomorrow’s takeover!

4 His & Hers

Workspace with plants and desk

The long-line workspace shows up repeatedly as a staple for the freelance family. No chunky furniture necessary, this easy to install set up is perfect for the working couple, leaving room for a house full of fun!

Whatever your personal style, you can create a nook for yourself where you’re free to dream, to create, to achieve. Enjoy.


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