Modern outdoor design just got a whole lot cooler...

No outdoor space ought to be frumpy, rather, modern, sleek alternatives are abound with various options available nowadays. From cool cabanas to sleek seating, your backyard space is a whole different kind of canvas. It isn’t so much a table, chair and hammock (though nothing wrong with those either!), rather, your outdoor space should reflect your personality as well as your indoor décor as well.

To create a unique escape right in your own backyard, think about the style and function of each piece. Durability is also a key feature in outdoor furniture, as weather will affect the material. Chaises, chairs and sectionals made from sturdy materials that repel water and dirt aren’t that hard to find. Furniture from Cane Line, Kartell, Manutti, Sempre, Baobab, and Fatboy to name a few, offer contemporary designs to suit any style preference.

You do want to think about the colours and placement when decorating, as larger pieces need a larger space to create a feeling of openness. Other items could be smaller chairs in varying colours and coordinating accessories that not only add personality, but comfort and easy upkeep.

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