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MACO caribbean living (vol 18 issue 3)

MACO caribbean living

(vol. 18 issue 3)

Perhaps one of our most eclectic publications of late, this issue MACO Caribbean Living explores the unique homes, artists and food that truly define us as a Caribbean people.

We find out about the couple who built their home in the hills, literally, and the architectural aspect of how they created their space with their mountainous surroundings intact. Also, the stunning Amanera in the Dominican Republic is featured and if you’re like us, a visit soon come!

We also meet two unique artists who have created fun pieces that provide a different perspective on creating images and utilitarian pieces. In our grow section, we take a look at two different gardens, and the science that goes behind creating some of the worlds most beautiful flora.

No issue would be complete without talk of food and we explore the world of fish, a great place called SALT and the benefits of the passion fruit.

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    These mini-movies and other videos will introduce our signature MACO brand to an even more diverse global audience. The Caribbean’s inherent beauty, and information on tourism, investment and, lets not forget fun, will be shown in an exciting light.