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MACO caribbean living (vol 17 issue 3)

MACO caribbean living

(vol. 17 issue 3)

In this issue, discover one of the 365 islands of the Bahamas. If you think about it, one could tour a island per day for a year. Why not start with Wax Cay (cover image)? This stunning isle features several cottages that line the water.

Another great way to explore the Caribbean is via its art. We explore Havanas murals and learn about the history of this fascination island. We also learn a lot about our culture from our artists; much like the designer we feature in this issue.

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    MACOTV is an online platform that brings you video features on local personalities, chic eats, and the very best event coverage.

    These mini-movies and other videos will introduce our signature MACO brand to an even more diverse global audience. The Caribbean’s inherent beauty, and information on tourism, investment and, lets not forget fun, will be shown in an exciting light.