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MACO caribbean living (vol 17 issue 1)

MACO caribbean living

(vol. 17 issue 1)

The luxury of the Caribbean islands abound in this special INVEST issue of MACO Caribbean Living (MCL). Find out how the other half live on Barbados and the Residences of Capri.

Over on the British Virgin Islands, developer Peter Bay takes us on a tour of his villa and the oasis that surrounds it. On a more fun note, have a gander at Editor-in-Chiefs visit to the Kohler headquarters and the fabulous time she had.

No issue of MCL would be the same without great food and interesting tidbits about the Caribbean region, and this issue is no exception. Read on to learn more about the pretty poinsettia and regional artists who are making waves with their indelible work.

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  • Livy_Hitchcock_Columbine_portrait_of_Corey_by_Livy_Hitchcock


    MACOTV is an online platform that brings you video features on local personalities, chic eats, and the very best event coverage.

    These mini-movies and other videos will introduce our signature MACO brand to an even more diverse global audience. The Caribbean’s inherent beauty, and information on tourism, investment and, lets not forget fun, will be shown in an exciting light.