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MACO caribbean living (vol 16 issue 1)

MACO caribbean living

(vol. 16 issue 1)

Come dance with us for Trinidad Carnival; come explore the glorious architecture around the city lost in time, Cuba; come on a journey to discover Atlantis on the stunning isle of Saint Lucia; and come visit with a living dinosaur in Trinidad (here is a hint, it is really a leatherback turtle!).

In this issue of MACO Caribbean Living we delve into the deep waters off the British Virgin islands, and we take a tour of Trinidad and Tobago’s annual festivals. We also managed to have a great chat with Food Network star and Chef Anne Burrell.

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    MACOTV is an online platform that brings you video features on local personalities, chic eats, and the very best event coverage.

    These mini-movies and other videos will introduce our signature MACO brand to an even more diverse global audience. The Caribbean’s inherent beauty, and information on tourism, investment and, lets not forget fun, will be shown in an exciting light.